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  • Gamble Family 2017

  • It was almost unbearably cold outside, but this crew was all smiles as we met up in Toronto. I first photographed this family nine years ago and it's been so nice to see how they've grown over these years, with another on the way soon. ♥ Thanks so much to all of you for this lovely morning together (and for the hot [...]
  • A year in squares

  • Happy birthday, little jprophoto! One year ago I finally hopped on the Instagram train, and it has been such a fun platform to look at life from. I'm diving into my ninth year in this wonderful industry and I've watched it grow and change in a lot of ways in that short time. New ways to reach out to our people, one [...]
  • 2015. Wow. ♥

  • I don't know where to start. This year! This incredible year! What an honour to have shared it with all of you. For awhile now I've been thinking about how I could possibly turn this beautiful 2015 into a single post, and sorting through these images has been a huge undertaking. I loved it all. I loved you all. I l [...]