Rachel and Cory – Port Elgin Love Story

 ‘How are you going to explain these pictures to people?’ she laughed while asking me as we went through a collection of tulle and lace and sequins. You’ve met Rachel and Cory. You’ve seen them with their beautiful daughter pop up here through the years, and you’ve watched our girls have their own little adventures together. I’ve known Rachel since before there was a Rachel and Cory, and it’s been pretty amazing through the years to see them together. I feel very lucky to have them as friends, more than I can tell you.

Rachel and Cory got married a week before Craig and I did, and we sometimes chat about our weddings and how we’d do it differently now. Recently I’ve been falling in love with elopements and connection sessions, and sometimes when I get something in my head I drag some of my very good people in my life out with me to go make some magic, and those wonderful people are kind enough to oblige and join me on an adventure.

So. How am I going to explain these pictures? Two people who love each other. Yesterday, today, always. Rachel and Cory, you two are all I could have hoped for and more. Thank you for coming out to play with me, for just rolling with it and having fun, and for being you. There are a lot of things that make this set of images special for me, but the best part is how you look at each other and laugh together. Thank you for letting me capture that. ♥

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