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Happy birthday, little jprophoto! One year ago I finally hopped on the Instagram train, and it has been such a fun platform to look at life from. I’m diving into my ninth year in this wonderful industry and I’ve watched it grow and change in a lot of ways in that short time. New ways to reach out to our people, one big new thing or another style trend, shifts in the technology available to us to practice our craft. Photography is always moving and it’s an exciting world to be part of. In this last year I’ve really enjoyed watching my profile build and getting this new perspective on the big picture of my life through my lens, and I’d love to share some of that with you today. Let’s go!

First, let’s look at stats.

As of 7:11 a.m. on Friday, April 15th, there are 584 of you following me and looking at the world with me. (Hi everyone! I’m so glad you’re here!)
~ 590 as of 9:41 when I hit publish!

I have posted 287 images, including today’s collage.

This was my very first post, and it is one of my all time favourites. I feel like it perfectly captures my life with my little girl (though we often find ourselves a little muddier than this in our adventures).

scoutt profile


This is the post that you have all loved the most, with 169 likes. I agree, friends. I love John and Aleks’ snowy engagement session, too. ♥

insta -36 small 2


And it turns out you all love my 4.5 point blanket just as much as I do! If you’ve been out with me you know I bring a stack of blankets (especially for the cold days!) and many of you have happily grabbed my vintage HBC stripes and wrapped yourselves up in them. The blanket has made an appearance five times on my Instagram this year (and many times in your galleries!), and we’re not the only ones who thought you looked snuggly and fabulous in it. The Bay loves you, too! We’ve been featured on their account twice this year, with a lot of love each time and a ton of people commenting about how much they love their own time on our beautiful Bruce County beaches, and tagging in their loved ones to make plans like these.


one year hbc 2


Don’t the Trotmans and the Syretts look fantastic on the beaches of Southampton and Kincardine?

There are 16 rainbows (not counting my kids!).

We had three cups of tea together – though I was actually drinking tea a lot of the time I was posting.

We also had a few more celebratory drinks.

We dressed up in costumes, danced in our rain boots (even when it wasn’t raining!), ate cupcakes, knit all the things, travelled, walked my daughter to school and laughed a lot. A LOT. I’m head over heels for all the love and smiles and adventure splashed across my whole profile. It’s been really fun to live it, and a lovely experience to share it with all of you.


insta s 172A9415 matte small


One of my favourite things about Instagram is scrolling through profiles and getting a solid feel for the work that other photographers are creating. Some are dark and moody, some bright and airy, and every one is different and special it its own way. I love everyone’s perspective and being able to see the world through their eyes. And I’ve really enjoyed watching my own profile come together the same way, and feeling even more in love with bold colour, rich black and whites, and images that reflect what the world feels like to me – a place that’s so full of life and emotion and possibility. Vivid, exhilarating, whimsical, alive. I’m so excited for 2016 and all the life we’re going to live together, and I can’t wait to capture it for you. Thanks for being here with me! If you’re already following, I hope you’re having fun. If you’re not, come join us! Did I mention the tea and cupcakes and celebratory drinks and laughter?

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