Kim and Scotty – Cobble Beach – Owen Sound Wedding Photographer

I don’t even know where to start. I’m so excited to share this beautiful wedding with you! This past Saturday I spent the day at Cobble Beach with Kim and Scotty and all of the wonderful people in their life, and all day I found myself falling in love with each and every one of them. Kim is one of the most organized brides I’ve ever worked with, and she also did a great job rolling with the punches when things were a little unpredictable. All day there was a big question mark about where everything would happen, with the weather not quite sure about what it wanted to do, but while it was a little cool for September I don’t think we could have asked for anything better than what we got.

A huge thank you to everyone at Cobble for once again putting together such a spectacular event! And thank you to everyone who made this such an incredible day, top to bottom. Kim and Scotty, I hope you two are having the best week away, and I’m so happy to have had the honour of capturing this day for you. ♥

Hair and makeup: Redmakeup

Jewelry: Michelle Ross

Ceremony Music: Aaron Garner (FYI: I cry at every wedding and Aaron playing Iz was one of the things that did me in on Saturday.)

Um… this is going to be a huge blog post. And I cut out a ton of others that I really loved, and just couldn’t narrow it down further. Sorry/you’re welcome! If you’d like to see a smaller set instead, please feel free to hop over to Facebook, and you should like my page while you’re there. I post a lot of pretty things. 🙂

The official call. Going outside!

Dance floor crasher.