Leslie and Josh – Port Elgin and Underwood Wedding Photographer

When Leslie got in touch to tell me she was engaged I was thrilled for her. Once upon a time we’d made hundreds (thousands?) of pots of coffee together at Tim Horton’s on the corner of Goderich and Gustavus. If you know her then you know what an incredibly lovely and loving person she is, and I couldn’t wait to meet this fiancé of hers. And THEN she started telling me all about the details of the wedding, and I couldn’t help but giggle thinking of the little Lego Yoda keychain I keep in my wallet.

‘What?’ I hear you asking.

Keep scrolling, you’ll see! Leslie and Josh, thank you so much for including me in this wonderful day. I love the two of you together, I love the people you’ve surrounded yourselves with, I love how you embrace fun, and I love how you embrace each other. I can think of no better way for you to have kicked off the rest of your lives together than with the way you spent your wedding day. Brace yourselves – there are a LOT of images in this post!

^^You guys. Up. ♥

I’ve noticed that it’s usually Table 6 that ends up being ‘that table’ at weddings. On this day it was the Ironman table.