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Deep breath. Yesterday morning I got up with the sun and started my day with Beckie. Three times before Beckie and I have planned opportunities for me to photograph special days for her, and three times something huge has thrown a wrench in these plans. So when she messaged me a week ago to let me know that this field was in full bloom in case it might work for an upcoming session, I knew that this field was actually for her.

If you know Beckie then you already know what a phenomenal woman she is, and you know that there’s little I can say here to truly do her justice, and you also know how fortunate we all are that there are people like this in this world.

2015 has not rolled out as planned, not as it should be. I keep typing, deleting, trying again, but there aren’t any words that are right. Beckie and Ty were expecting their son, Walker Trent, to arrive on August 6th. Instead, after weeks of hospital bed rest and every possible effort, Walker was born on April 21st and had a day and a half here. His time was too short, but the love for this beautiful boy and his parents will go on forever.

In Walker’s honour Beckie has taken on a project at the hospital in Owen Sound where she’s a respiratory therapist. When she left the hospital in London they gave her a beautiful red oak box for all of Walker’s things, and it’s a cherished possession that is lovingly guarded by their dog, Frank. When she found out that Owen Sound doesn’t have something similar in place she took up the cause, and now, thanks to her efforts, bereaved parents in Owen Sound will be sent home with Walker’s Boxes. For more information about what’s included with the boxes and how you can help, please scroll down  to the bottom.

So here she is. Wife. Mother. Friend. Nurse. Daughter. Beckie. ♥  Thank you for this beautiful morning together, Beck.

This is one of Walker’s Boxes. It’s made of red oak, just as Walker’s is, just like the tree they’ve planted in his memory. Beckie would like to thank the following people who have helped her make these happen:

Red oak memory box hand crafted by Joe Struys

Clay moulds donated by Amy Shute at Bicyclette Rouge Children’s Boutique in Port Elgin

Knitting donated by Elizabeth ‘Betty’ Oullettte & Carol Purbricks of Port Elgin

Stuffed puppies donated by Chris Swain of Keepsakes and Memories in Port Elgin

If you would like to contribute to help Beckie help these parents, please get in touch and I’ll let you know how you can donate to this loving mission.


UPDATE: So many people have reached out to help that Beckie set up a GoFundMe to donate to. Beck, you’re amazing. Look how many people’s hearts Walker has touched. That’s all you, love. Walker has an incredible mom. ♥

Donate to bring Walker’s Boxes to Owen Sound