Allison and Connor’s wedding at Cobble Beach

And they’re up!  Finally!  Sorry for the delay on the rest of these teasers, everyone!  I was having some uploading issues, but they’ve finally been resolved in time for Allison and Connor to return from their honeymoon.  Welcome home, you two!

I loved this wedding.  Everything about it.  The details were incredible, the flowers were gorgeous, the colours were vibrant.  But best of all was the incredible happiness that infused every moment of the day.  I don’t think anyone stopped smiling from the moment I first saw them to the time I left them for the night.

I really wanted to post about twice as many teasers.  More, even!  But I had to stop somewhere, so here it is, the last set of wedding images I’ll be posting this year!  I still have some portrait work to share with you, and some personal updates as well… but those can wait.  For now just enjoy Allison and Connor.

^^Seriously, how cute is this??

Thanks again, Allison and Connor!  It was a huge honour to be there to help you capture these memories.  I hope you’ll cherish these images (and the many more to come!) for the rest of your lives.